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banig shoes by PRADA!


SERIOUSLY???!!! And they are freaking $900!!!


2010 PJs :)


This is the third consecutive Christmas that I gave these crazy nieces and nephews and daughter matching pajamas 🙂 ! I love them so dearly!

Have you Splendora today?


Splendora is absolutely my new favorite blog about style and culture!  I can spend hours and hours on this blog- reading, getting creative ideas, checking what’s in, what’s happening, and most importantly what’s on sale 🙂 !

My favorite sections are the Lifestyle Home and Food!  Look what I found on these sections!

I made a dangerous decision to install the Spledora Salescast app on my iphone!  But it’s really, really cool and very helpful specially on days when you need some retail therapy (which is everyday for most of us)!


reblogging butzilicious!

Standard kept Secrets!!! by Butz Fuentes, the Stylemonger himself!

Diamonds, they say are the girls’ best friend…maybe to some, but when best friends leave and despise you, there is always “someone” that is always there for you..a safekeeper, a silent companion to share with you…your secrets, fears and joy.

Bags are the real best friends. Be it a killer bag, an arm candy or an emotional pandora’s box….it’s a private cocoon where everything a woman defines herself…personally, individually.

More than bags, they are your toys to hug, cushions to rest your head on, statements to make your presence felt and ideal companions for your activities or soirees. Classic leather and canvas lend art to dressing, literally. Digital prints, colour blocking, sequins, fringes, rivets, quilting and paint splashes see you through business, events and parties.

This season, it is not only about what you carry, it is about how you carry them. Practice your stance with the holdall, the clutch, the vanity purse, the rucksack, the doctor bag and the envelope, because each is different.

This is where carriage is most important. To clutch it, to swing it, to sling it, to shoulder it, to dangle it, to use one hand or two? Hint – comfort. Whatever feels right looks right, with some cardinal rules, of course. It is all about shape and dimensions. Sometimes, small is deceptive and there is more than enough room for basic knick-knacks and some additional junk. New shapes, handle-to-clutch options, quirky fasteners and eye-catching embellishments add an edge.

Instantly making you feel feminine, these little wonders require some holding practice. Take your pick from candies, envelopes or trinket cases, with or without metal chain handles. Some may be skeptical about their functionality, but these will see you through many an evening, with your basic essentials. And if someone misbehaves, a hard hit on the head should set things right….. !!!

Here are women I had chosen to share to us their best kept  little secrets inside their friendly…bags.Curiously, I asked top ten essentials they can’t leave without…and amusingly, I enjoyed the share….hope you can share the same too.

Thanks Butz for including me on the list even though my bag is not an hermes 🙂

Click here to find out who the other cool women are 🙂

alligators and marshmallows???


went to honey island swamp tour! who knew alligators loves marshmallows!?

i wonder if they like rice krispies 🙂

such a beautiful swamp!

a great blue heron!

our boat captain said this house was almost submerged during hurricane katrina!

oooppps that’s not me with boat capt. nolan! – it’s kelly ripa 🙂

this is me 🙂

there are hundreds of alligator heads being sold in gift shops!  alligator farms sell the skin to the fashion industry who turns them into purses, shoes, belts, etc… the meat is being sold to restaurants; and the heads go to the gift shops 😦

Philippines needs a GAY President!


as reported by no other than butzilicious, the who’s who in the fashion industry in Dubai gathered for filipino designer Ezra Santos’ first solo show of his haute couture collection… without butz fuentes’ style-mongering and his fierce passion for fashion, we’ll be all left clueless about all these geniuses in dubai! i think philippines need a GAY president! just imagine how sosyal and fierce philippines would be!

Ezra is the word…
is the word that you heard
He’s got groove, he’s got meaning
Ezra is the time, is the place is the motion
Ezra is the way we are feelin’ …