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and we continue the “white” Christmas


a white christmas breakfast: butter pecan waffle and milk… i want champorado!




well, not quite but almost 🙂

my strawberry short-cupcake; i mistakenly put the fresh strawberries on top as a garnish and freeze the cupcakes! but it’s still good they said …

next, mini blueberry pies; filling is too much and the pies don’t look good but they’re delicious sabi ng mamang puti 🙂

champorado!!! my favorite comfort food!!!

Champorado cooked and served with love = Priceless Comradeship!  We can’t thank you enough Pasa LOVE for the love you pass to everyone around you!  And thank you so much Project PEARLS volunteers for waking up at 3 am, travelled almost 4 hours to Pangasinan from Manila, be of service to these children, and make new friends for life!!!