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this i will never forget…


a stranger made and gave me these origami flowers because she saw me in my most vulnerable state…


it’s official!! blogging keeps me sane and insane!


back to blogging again … once a blogger always a blogger!! 🙂

I am still in awe living in millbrae! and there is this Sawyer Camp Trail that we do our weekend morning run!!! It’s freaking beautiful!!! How can you not feel so blessed with mother nature!

those thick clouds, that’s where we used to live!!! but sorry pacifica, have you seen blue skies lately?

and this is the other side of the trail; one side is the lake, the other side is this beautiful foresty view… i love love!

there’s clif!!! he is just as happy, if not happier to be on this trail!

champorado!!! my favorite comfort food!!!

Champorado cooked and served with love = Priceless Comradeship!  We can’t thank you enough Pasa LOVE for the love you pass to everyone around you!  And thank you so much Project PEARLS volunteers for waking up at 3 am, travelled almost 4 hours to Pangasinan from Manila, be of service to these children, and make new friends for life!!!

my first garage sale!


i was skeptical at first as to who would buy our “crap” 🙂 but surprisingly we made money! one’s trash is someone’s treasure, right? it was fun!

what does manny pacquiao and oprah winfrey have in common?


ANDREW CORSELLO!! My fave GQ correspondent wrote for “O” – the Oprah Magazine!  What is so special is that he wrote about his wife, Dana and about how he loves, honors and negotiates with the Big Cheese!!! And Dana is my boss, friend, and partner in crime 😉 !!! I truly love how Andrew writes! He’s brilliant and funny!

Here’s an excerpt:

She’s a Big Cheese. (He’s a Little Annoyed.)

My wife is radiant. It comes naturally to her. Yes, she’s very beautiful, and that beauty is the first thing people notice and discuss about her. But hers isn’t the radiance of a model or a starlet; it’s a radiance that emits warmth—love—as well as light. What Justice Stewart said of obscenity can be said of Dana’s radiance: Words fail, but you know it when you see it. Yup, there it is.

Dana’s in the radiance business. Literally—she’s an Episcopal priest. And while she’s been radiating throughout the three years of our courtship and the 11 of our marriage, something’s changed in the last nine months. Thanks to this ever-crescendoing glowiness, I am typing these words while looking out at San Francisco Bay from the top floor of a big and beautiful house I could never afford were I actually required to pay for it. It ought to go without saying that I type with glee. Yes, it ought to. And yet, despite the Jiminy Cricket perched on my shoulder yelling stop the whining! until he’s red in the face, there is a degree to which the bounty of my wife’s radiance has left me feeling, well, a little irradiated.

click here to read the rest of the story.