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more drugs!!! yay!


okay, i am being sarcastic!

additions to my “addictions”: hypertension pills, one for my “abnormal” heavy nose bleeds!

one of my prayers and wishes for 2011 is a healthy, less-drugs me! God help me!




it could have been a nice evening to celebrate clif’s birthday but of course not… ended up in kaiser for more drugs! if it’s not my stupid migraine, it’s my stupid kidney… i am so sick of being sick!!! i am sick of being dizzy and drowsy; of being drugged !

pain shot for migraine: not for the faint of heart!


sorry i have to blog this as i keep my migraine journal here too 😦 … i braved this migraine all day at work; can’t ignore it anymore!  all my oral meds didn’t work… my last resort: toradol shot 😦

i must have done something wrong – it doesn’t usually bleed this much 😦

goodnight world! i’ll be knocked out very soon!

sore and stiff …


my legs are! we biked from pacifica pier to rockaway beach – about 5 miles round trip!

omg! i just realized how i take pacifica for granted! we have all these great trails for walking and biking; not to mention the beach! and they are just a stone’s throw away from where i live!

parked our bikes for a lunch break!

Grilled Crab & Tomato Sandwich from Nick’s:Dungeness Crab & Sliced Tomatoes Served on Lightly Grilled French Bread with Fries! The best crab sandwich ever! One of my favorite comfort food 🙂 … this makes the bike ride worth it 🙂