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it’s official!! blogging keeps me sane and insane!


back to blogging again … once a blogger always a blogger!! 🙂

I am still in awe living in millbrae! and there is this Sawyer Camp Trail that we do our weekend morning run!!! It’s freaking beautiful!!! How can you not feel so blessed with mother nature!

those thick clouds, that’s where we used to live!!! but sorry pacifica, have you seen blue skies lately?

and this is the other side of the trail; one side is the lake, the other side is this beautiful foresty view… i love love!

there’s clif!!! he is just as happy, if not happier to be on this trail!


14 more days for blue skies!!!


i can’t wait to move out of pacifica to millbrae!!! and to be able to really enjoy summer, blue skies and warm weather!!!

this will be our new neighborhood in two weeks! see the blue skies? and the heavy clouds? well, that is pacifica!!!

this is pacifica, pretty much foggy all year…

see how happy our new home look like?  not to mention the bright and sunny location???  I LOVE AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!

ang lunch break kong sosyal!!!


i went to bonhams and butterfield’s on my lunch break to check the Fine Antique Oriental Carpet and Rug Auction; I was thinking I could get a beautiful rug within my budget! but of course not 🙂 but it was such an experience to go to this auction.

About Bonhams & Butterfields

Recognized as one of the most dynamic auction houses in the world today, Bonhams & Butterfields Auctioneers is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world. A house of experts in many fields, Bonhams & Butterfields specializes in the appraisal and sale of fine art, antiques and decorative objects in virtually every auction category.

could it be that this is our next home?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am done with Pacifica and the fog and gloomy weather almost all year, almost 24.7! I just want to live in a sunny place where there is blue sky!

I fell in love with this house the first time I saw it; it has so much character; it’s old but it has this very homey feeling; it’s bright and airy! i love the bricks; it has a fireplace and on the other side of the fireplace, it has an indoor bbq grill!!! and the view!!! it’s priceless!!! it has a backyard for parties!!! yay! NEED I SAY MORE???