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my due date…


oh no i am not pregnant 🙂 but i can’t wait to watch this movie!!!  robert downey, jr. and zach galifianakis together! hysterical!!!

click on the picture below to watch the trailer 🙂


it’s not only pacquiao who makes filipino proud


there is tina maristela ocampo too! who is she? she’s a filipina former model and owner-designer of accessories line Celestina Maynila-New York. She is featured in April’s issue of Town and Country magazine.

Ocampo has also made waves in Hollywood. Sandra Bullock wore a Celestina Ebun Clutch (shiny sterling silver in snake design with crystal clasps) at the Academy Awards where she won Best Actress for The Blind Side. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 23 where she also won Best Actress, Bullock wore another Ocampo design, the Celestina Patricia Clutch (oxidized sterling silver wood design with lapiz lasuli clasps).

unfortunately, celestina clutches are too expensive for you and me but obviously not for sandra bullock! click here to see the clutch collections – they are beautiful and very elegant!

movie reviews: alice in wonderland & brooklyn’s finest


alice in wonderland: if johnny depp is not in the movie, i must have fallen asleep!  we watched it on imax and 3d, so those kept me awake too.

brooklyn’s finest: too violent for me; the drugs, the crime, corruption that i believed are based on true stories and incidents are disturbing but what is the most disturbing sub story in the movie is richard gere’s… he thought of ending his life because he feels and thinks he’s alone in life… richard gere is still hot and delicious 🙂 … ethan hawke is a natural…

movie review: avatar


i love love love love love LOVE!!! i love the story, the visuals, special effects… watching it is like reading a book that you can’t put down.  the people who doesn’t like the movie are analyzing and dissecting this movie way too much and they are trying to be too intellectual! please!!!  if you are expecting things to jump on you when you watch the movie on 3d, you won’t get that – the 3d effect is more of giving the viewers a feel of the nature and be a part of that nature… me, i am saving my 3d glasses for the next ones!!!