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I am so in love!!! major! major!!


okay, that major major is parang di bagay sa’kin as nonoy said hahahha…

But I am so in love with CALEB and KINGS OF LEON!!


i’ve been so many places in my life and time…


and that goes the song “song for you” by leon russell… clif and i had a dinner date last night at yoshi’s san francisco, a jazz club and restaurant and watched leon russell.  i would agree that leon is one of the most underrated singer, songwriter! he’s the best!

And the food at Yoshi’s is great! I love, love, love!!! A little bit pricey but worth it… we had “Poke” trio – big eye tuna, salmon & hamachi, chili, sesame ginger soy, yuzu avocado cream, grilled gindara black cod and served with mushroom soy broth, kani-kani roll -tempura california roll, snow crab, seaweed, sweet vinaigrette, salmon nigiri and for dessert?  strawberry pavlova – chewy meringue, vanilla bean, mascarpone, sakura port,caramel; strawberry rose sorbetto and i love  the tea we had which is ringo green – bancha flavored with japanese apples…