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crabs + pork chops + prayers = happy nanay!


da pamili :)


“you’re here but you’re not really here…”


okay, i admit i got caught up with my mission that i am neglecting my family!  i am guilty, no excuses… i deeply apologize and i must admit i miss the simple fun and the LOVE!

with the nicotine women :-0


and we both agreed na mahirap at exhausting makipag away sa english ! hehehehe!

Melanie!!!  parang maglalaba lang hehehe! love you ate! 🙂

their common denominator?? Celestine! 🙂

veronica!!! not a candidate yet for botox ! 🙂

the soen ladies!!!  hehhehhe!

oh how happy they are 🙂

hahhahhaha! seriously??? 🙂

she’s not pregnant!! busog lang 🙂 hehehe! love you sis!

Promise next time! I will be unplugged from technology!!! 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS!

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother” – Oprah


When unconditional love exists, there is a mother present; and that mother can be your friend, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, grandma; and it can also be your brother, father and in some cases, your own children.

if i don’t have your picture here with me it doesn’t mean you are not loved, it only means to get your butt out to San Francisco! 🙂

lunch with eskermos!


how i wish i was really having lunch with my baby boy eskermos! I miss him so much!

this is eskermos, one of our children at Ulingan.  he is one  sweetest and most lambing kid.  he and his family left ulingan yesterday to go back to their province, Zamboanga.  I don’t know when will i see him again. :,-(

my baby boy, i wish you well in life!