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she completes me!


my chichai, my mini-me, she completes me!

she made me cupcakes and got me margarita glasses! ohmy! but “we have issues!” hahhaha! i love my weird child!




had dinner with the guanzons – kat and mich… hmmm, it dawned on me again that my family – clif, chi and myself – has three different last names! wilcox, mateo, and villa… ay naku!

presenting our unica hijas…

okay, they didn’t talk about what to wear but of course their outfits are almost identical! and the shoes?? the same!!! weird children!

i said, she said…


i said : “you’re weird”

she said: “i came from you”

i am trying not to panic on the thought of not seeing her everyday again… she’s going back to college, live in her dorm next week 😦 … my baby, as weird as she can be, i love her with all my heart…