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chillin’ with chichai on mother’s day


i wouldn’t have it any other way… of course with momo too 🙂


fucks tail… i meant foxtail!!!


sorry for my french! but this foxtail not only costs me $260 but it hurts my baby momo !!! the stupid foxtail went behind her eyeball and made her eyes very swollen and almost shut 😦 … the vet had to sedate her to take them out of her eye! but she’s okay now!

momo patiently waiting for her turn well actually she’s frantic!

omg just imagine that in your eye!!! stupid fucks tail!!!

a new (dog) conspiracy!


yogi, the new kid in town! yes, he’s a dog and not a bear 🙂

bubbles rushing to check out yogi!

bubbles: “well, hellooooooooo!”

momo was just watching on the sideline 🙂

bubbles: “that momo, she’s an old bitch!”

momo: “what is that crazy bitch telling yogi now?”

yogi: “crazy bitches!”

yogi: “my mommy is my only bitch!”

The End. Bitches!

i love and spoiled MOMO but…


I am not crazy like Gail Posner who left $3 million to her three dogs!

Gail Posner, the daughter of the late Victor Posner, passed away in March and left her Miami mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her three dogs, including her beloved Chihuahua, Conchita. Luckily, the “most spoiled dog in the world”, accustomed to living with her own full-time staff and diamond jewelry, won’t be slumming it now that her owner has passed on.

Besides I don’t like Chihuahua!!!

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/06/18/worlds-most-spoiled-dog-now-3-million-richer/?hpt=T2#ixzz0rEU7qZFz